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    Softlayer + ThePlanet = ????

    So, my computing instance stopped responding and I had to take it down for a reboot, but it never came back up. Now I'm sitting here waiting on Softlayer to update a ticket that hasn't seen an update in over an hour. In fact, it hasn't been updated since they supposedly assigned to a "senior administrator" to it.

    Now its 2am in the morning and I'm left lamenting the passing of a great hosting company.

    I started dedicated hosting with ThePlanet and loved them for 2 years, until they made their big merger with Evo and their people left to start Softlayer. At that point TP support went downhill, new management, new CEO and I along with many other refugees left for Softlayer.

    Softlayer was great. Five minute ticket assign times. Tech response within 20 minutes. Friendly knowlegable techs that went above and beyond on many occasions... Sure you paid a premium for that service, but at least you could count on it.

    Now I'm waiting for a tech to even begin looking at my problem nearly 2 hours later. Why?

    Here's my hunch, with only a minimal amount of research. A private equity fund called GI Partners bought the ThePlanet ~2007 and they quickly implemented a new business plan that turned it into a crap company and caused the creation of competitor Softlayer who they preceded to spent their time suing for the next few years.

    3 years later Softlayer is a great brand, and ThePlanet is budget trash.

    Now GI Partners has purchased Softlayer, and are merging ThePlanet back into it. I don't know if we can blame Rick Magnuson for this move or if there are more people involved, but long story short - get ready for a long bumpy ride downhill as they pull equity out of Softlayer to make a quick buck.

    - Jonathan

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    Further reading for those inclined:

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    I'm sure they have their reasons to do this.
    I have worked with theplanet in the past and I was very positive about them.

    Ok, that's been like 7 years ago, so I didn't experience all the take-overs that took place - Online in no time
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    Of course they have they reasons. There's all kinds of reductions, redundancies to eliminate and increases in efficacies to implement. All with the purpose to create money out of thin air which can then be syphoned through to other entities. Then you're left with a hosting company that has a policy in place preventing you from actually talking to a tech on the phone, just like TP was when I left.

    Or maybe I'm wrong and I just caught them on a bad night. If the problem is at the top it usually trickles down though.

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    i am currently customer of theplanet uk facility now softlayer

    but actually since merger , ticket response is becoming too much slower

    theplanet before merger was doing much better regarding support

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