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    Limit the cpu/disk usage under xen then?


    Is there any way to limit disk IO and cpu usage on a XEN host?

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    Use a script such as solusvm.
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    Solusvm / hypervm are control panel for managing xen. Hypervm is free but both need one more vps to install the panel.

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    I know... but i am currently using QuickMachineSVM ...

    Since QuickMachineSVM is already installed, i don't hink it should be possible to install HyperVm...

    Maybe i could uninstall it... but should i reinstall HyperVm without any problem after this?

    QuickMachineSVM doesn't allow those functions.

    I know there are some ways to do this by ssh... but i never would like to get into troubles because i messed with something...

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    Is it possible (complicate) to install hypervm if there is already some vps running on the server? (if i uninstall quickmachinesvm)

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