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    AhSay raising prices by 700+% - what now?

    Today I have received this e-mail:

    Dear Partners,
    Please be informed that there will be a price adjustment for Ahsay� Backup Software Business
     Edition with effective on April 1, 2011 in response to the rising cost pressure on research and 
    development in recent years. Being able to develop high quality software and to provide partners 
    with better services are two important factors that force us to inevitably make this painful 
    decision. We believe the value of our software and the professionalism of our customer services 
    will justify the value of our price to your full satisfaction. 
    Please find below the link to our new price list:
    As our valued partners, you can still enjoy the old price rates for any orders placed between now
     and April 30, 2011. Please refer to the link below for our old price list. 
    During this period, you may:
    - Continue to lease the software with the old prices (until April 30, 2011)
    - Switch your current Leased license to Perpetual license under the old prices
    - Build up your stock licenses with the current price and extend the stock keeping period until 
    December 31, 2012
    - Renew your support maintenance in advance to enjoy up to 50% Early Bird Discount
    Please note that if we do not hear any feedback from you, you will be charged at the new lease
    rate on May 1, 2011.
    If you have any questions regarding the new pricing structure, please feel free to contact our
    sales representative at [email protected]
    If you do not wish to receive e-newsletter from Ahsay Systems Corporation in the future, please
    Best Regards,
    Ahsay Systems Corporation
    Currently I pay $3.70 per OBM (server) client per month. The new price will be $26.3 according to the prices sent:

    (26.3 / 3.7) * 100 = 710

    And this is without taking into consideration that the prices also got a raise last year. Since I became an AhSay customer the prices has been adjusted up with ~1500% (less than 2 years!)

    I contacted them about this matter, and all they could say was that I should purchase licenses, as I right now can purchase the clients instead of leasing them at around $500. But that is not the product I signed up for with AhSay and I must admit, that I do not want to be a customer with them any longer.

    So, what alternatives should I be looking into?

    I need to make backup of Windows (2008 R2) and Linux (Debian). I am able to run the backup server software on either one. I don't want a rsync/ftp/tar solution, I want a "real" backup. I am aware that most software is not as cheap as AhSay (was?) - but it's okay, the price is not the important matter here, and I don't care if it is more expensive than AhSay.

    I am extremely pissed at AhSay and I think this is moblike business method. Fortunately for us we do not rent out backup to clients, and only have it internally which means we can easily switch. Poor those companies with hundreds of clients.
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    have you looked into running r1soft?
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    Note that r1soft CDP won't work for VPS anymore.

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    I found this thread reading up about the Ahsay price increase. It's a ripoff, and insulting. The Vembu software looks promising, so I'm checking into it now.

    I'm subscribing to this thread too.

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    Take a look at Crash Plan

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    Here's a thread on the Ahsay forum.

    It looks like the OEM licenses for Ahsay OBM will continue to be $6 each. That's a significant increase over the current Business lease price of $3.40 per license, but a lot better than the new Business lease price of $17 or $22 or whatever it is.

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    I don't really understand why some companies hike the prices at such a huge rate. Look at Kayako, they launched their version 4 with a heavy price tag and made a royal mess of it.
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    Thanks for the responses.

    In our company we have chosen to change our backup model a bit, but we have come to a result that seems to fulfill the requirements we have.

    We decided to go with rsnapshot and it seems to work flawlessly - at least for our Linux machines. We have 1 Windows server, and the only thing we need backed up from that is a single directory of files. That is done with Backup Premium. Now the only problem in that is, that while all the Linux servers are pull based backup (to prevent an eventual hacker to be able to delete both production and backup), this solution is push based.

    Therefore, with a short interval the backup directory from the windows machine is rsynced to a location which cannot be reached from the SCP account.

    As of now we are happy with this solution, but thanks for the heads up on Vembu, I will be reading up on that.
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    I have a Vembu license that I do not use. I always liked their stuff, just went in a different direction. They have great support and a very interesting product. - WordPress for all of us

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