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    Looking to Buy a VPS/Cloud - Suggestions required.

    I am looking for a VPS or Cloud like storm on demand. Storm on demand doesn't accept paypal which is causing problem. Else, i would have purchased it.

    I looked Hostgator managed VPS that costs $50 a month. My site receives around 3000 UV a day so which would be best option ? Budget should be around 50 bucks a month.


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    Do you need control panel such as cpanel?
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    For any type of system, please see They are able to fit your needs by making a custom plan for you. They use Dual Quad Core CPU and high performance servers.

    There plans are sure to suit you at the lowest price.

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    Linux VPS with Cpanel !

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    Your budget looks reasonable. But what is the specification you actually looking for?
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    What I can gather from your post you need a VPS that can handel 3000UV a day, be managed, and for that reason also probably require cPanel and the OS doesn't matter.

    I don't think a cloud is really necessary for this although it would be nice I'm sure, I just don't think the budget would be there. Realistically a VPS with 1GB of RAM and some burstable for those peak times I think you should be just fine. Generally you would be looking at ~30-40$ for the managed VPS, +10-15$ for the cPanel -- a total of ~45-55$/month. So I think your good on your budget, now you just need to hop on over to the advertising section and see if you can find any to meet your needs
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