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    Thumbs up 3 month Review

    Hello, I have been a user of's "Atom 1.6Ghz Dedicated Server" for the past 3 months @ $44 usd a month.

    I decided to write this review because last night I messed my server up and it became inaccessible, after submitting a ticket at Midnight GMT+13 I received a response 2 hours later saying that they had fixed it for me and was back up and running.

    This is the second time I have messed it up so bad that I needed help fixing, and both times they were fixed within 3 hours which I think is excellent for a "unmanaged" budget server!

    Any problems I have had with my server have been my own fault experimenting, support tickets were always answered within 3 hours and my server has never been down (unless of course I broke it)

    It's used for hosting a Minecraft SMP server and runs smoothly with 15 people + mobs which uses a lot of resources, yet the Atom handles it well!

    I give Interserver & Especially John a 10/10 rating for support, uptime & price


    *Just noticed I spelt the name wrong in title, if a forum moderator could please fix that for me it would be great.

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    Thanks for the review. Good to see you're happy with your host.

    You might want to edit your post to have the correct name of the host in the title (Interserver instead of Interservet).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr X View Post
    You might want to edit your post to have the correct name of the host in the title (Interserver instead of Interservet).
    I noticed that when I posted but when I edit my post it doesn't have the title bit so assumed only a moderator could do that.

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