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    Email from old server

    Not sure if this is the proper place to post this but,

    When I changed hosts some months ago I FTP'd all of my files before migrating including all of my email files from the former server. I save all correspondence with clients and didn't want to lose these.
    They are now on my computer but I cannot open them as they are COM,S=2650_2,S File. I have no idea what kind of file this is or how to get them to open in a text format.

    Any ideas? "Add a little Magick to your Website"

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    It looks a bit like the file name that Postfix uses. I've got file names that look like:

    where jalapeno is the hostname of my machine. Whenever I move to a new machine I just move these files and they work just fine.

    By the way - these are "raw" email text files. Any editor should let you look at them.
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    Thanks, I had tried a couple of things like MS works (which didn't work) but they did open fine in word.

    Thanks again I really appreciate it. "Add a little Magick to your Website"

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