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    How big a VPS do I need?

    My current shared hosting provider (Dreamhost) is incapable of supporting Ruby on Rails. They say they do, but me and several other people have been unable to get RoR working on their shared plans and support is disinterested (love them for PHP stuff but RoR is not their thing).

    So I'm planning to get a VPS. This particular project is more of a learning exercise. Ultimately, I'll have a few family members connecting to the site, but it's not high traffic or mission critical. Traffic will be very light.

    How big a VPS slice do I need to run Apache + Passenger (or Mongrel) at that level? I'm thinking more about RAM than anything else.

    Is there one type of VPS (OpenVZ, Xen HVM, etc.) that would be better suited?

    Honestly, I'm looking in the budget ($10 or less/month) range, maybe $15/month max. I realize I can't ask for specific recommendations, but perhaps someone can comment if that sounds like a reasonable price range.

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    If someone can answer this question, please take a look at my thread (did not saw this one before...) Similar question...

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    OpenVZ will be the least expensive technology with 512 megs of ram will probably work for your needs and be within budget. I can't offer you advice on a host but definitely look in the offers section!

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    if you buy a VPS and install cPanel, Cpanel will be eating up to 300MB ram without any websites hosted or applications installed on the server, I suggest a minimum of 512MB if you are going to use cPanel , if no cPanel then a 256MB ram will do well.
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    We have a customer who is running apache + ruby on rails in a 256MB VPS with ubuntu OS. So if you go for a 512MB VPS this should be enough.

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    I think 512MB and Xen virtualization is suitable for you.
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    You're budget is fall in the range of 512MB VPS under openvz environment.
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    Some of our clients host 3 or 4 active sites with cpanel/whm on 512mb RAM VPS, so i agree with everyone else 512mb would cover it.
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    Thanks everyone for the advice! I appreciate it.

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    I had a similar experience with hostmonster - they "support rails", but their rails is rails 2 (incompatible with rails 3 which has been out for a year plus), and their support is a one page post followed by a dozen comments saying it doesn't work. So now I have a year of web hosting I'll never use - nice deal for them. Last time I buy a year of anything.

    I'm switching to a VPS, but one tip that may help you - I swapped out rails for Padrino, a much lighter weight framework, and cut my memory usage and increased my performance significantly. So at this point I should be able to put my app in 128 or 192 Megs. I'm also looking at a VPS with FreeBSD which has the best docs of any OS I've seen.

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    If I were you, I'd look for Xen, VMware, or KVM. OpenVZ's memory accounting leaves a lot to be desired.

    You should be able to find a good unmanaged 512MB Xen VPS for $10-$15/month.

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    I agree with you ....CH Hosting.... 512MB and Xen virtualization is suitable for you.

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