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    * Fused is seeking dedicated system administrators for day shift

    Preface: I’d like to note that we’ve been posting this same cut-and-dry thread for the past few years, and since then have literally modified one string. Other than the ‘roughly $number of clients’ little has changed with our backend minus the addition of fifteen odd servers. We’d truly like to find an individual whom loves what they do — whom lives, breathes and eats technology. We’re a small start-up but we’ve got grand plans, schemes and would love to involve people who truly care.

    We’re not out to find slaves, ticket monkies or people who will burn through years and not see the light of day. We want well-rounded, intelligent individuals who are beyond driven. Not by money, although it certainly helps with the bread costs, but by launching new cool things while making a difference. We’re playing with content delivery, xen, and lots of other interesting technologies that add spice. This isn’t your generic beat-up-luser environment and every last one of our client matters to us. Our end goal isn’t building some giant money-making scheme but to service every last client as though it’s the last thing we’ll do. Luckily enough, we’ve still gone from zero to hero in ~5-6 years and scaled from $30k per annum to over a half million in revenue.

    We’re growing, we’re busy. Too busy to keep parsing resumes in fact.

    The contract offering is just a cover. A hunt, a quest. For people whom care and want to work for a company that has been charitable, caring and kick-ass since launch.

    If you’re only just looking for a paycheque, this job isn’t for you (Of course, we do pay well though). If you love what you do, love technology and want the freedom to steer clear of an office, you might just be a fuser.

    Who are you:
    1. Someone who loves linux, open source and what it stands for.
    2. Someone who lives, breathes and eats infosec / security on a daily basis. You’re on all of the mailing lists, keep up with the news & are in the loop.
    3. You’re someone who gets a rise out of that new kernel you compiled and how much more secure & faster it is.
    4. You like new technology. Xen? KVM? Virtual content delivery networks? They sound like fun!
    5. Someone who thinks tedious tasks are easily fixed with Puppet, CFEngine or something you’ve built in your spare time.
    6. Someone whose responsible, intelligent and mature enough to work on their own without someone breathing down their neck. We don’t babysit, and you hate babysitters anyways.
    7. Someone who doesn’t mind documenting what they’re up to, as it saves you time later.

    Please note — don’t send us your standard ‘cover letter’ that you’ve been sending everyone else. Take two minutes to write out you found particularly interesting about this post, why you think the job is for you and attach your resume to it. If your email is cut-and-paste, it’ll go straight to my trash-bin.

    So, now back to the cut-and-dry list:

    Fused Network is a small web hosting firm based in Toronto with roughly ~2,000 clients. Launched originally in 2001, the company was acquired by it’s current ownership in 2005 and has quickly grown to it’s size today. We’d like to consider ourselves the underdogs of the industry with a passion for helping clients and an extreme love for new projects. We’ve scaled from a mere hundred clients to 2,000 in two years time and are growing rapidly.

    Linux. Linux. Linux. Linux.
    There are no windows machines on our network[1].

    We’re hiring & that means we’re after high quality, high energy[2] individuals to join our growing team. You’ll be part of a team that is ready to take the IT industry by storm (One client at a time!).

    We’re looking for a system / network administrator. The primary responsibility of the representatives will be backend management, primarily utilizing CentOS based linux systems with a hint of xen. Our primary offering is shared web hosting, backup services and content / media delivery.

    Skills / Experience required:
    • 5+ years experience in a Linux server environment.
    • Thorough experience with RHEL / CentOS, and Debian[3].
    • Expert experience with LAMP. Experience with nginx, Varnish, and other lovely entities are a plus.
    • Experience using / configuring / optimizing: cPanel/WHM, Apache (1.x / 2.x), PHP, PureFTPD & other daemons that are part of the web hosting recipe.
    • Cisco IOS[4] switch&router gear configuration / vlan configuration is a plus.
    • Some sort of shell scripting language — whether it be perl, sh, — even if you just love one language, love it thoroughly. Ability to automate tasks is KEY.

    Other programming languages considered assets[5].

    Hours: 40 per week, preferably 40. 3mo term initially, long-term with equity available for the right individuals afterwards.
    Location: Telecommute. Whatever cafe, basement or beach you prefer. Whatever country of your choosing.

    Our system administrators will be responsible for deployment, optimization & securing our existing server fleets. Some interaction with clients required although most will be limited to email and the odd phone call a few times a week.

    We’re looking for the best of the best who want to work in a company that’s expanding rapidly, we want people who would love to grow with us but most of all whom like to work, get involved and dig in.[6]

    If you wish to apply, please contact careers [@]

    [1] Okay, there’s one. But it was an accident, and we don’t manage it anyways.
    [2] Powered by caffeine and redbull is okay, too.
    [3] We prefer Debian, but most of our systems are CentOS based as a result of cPanel. We like sid, and miss him often.
    [4] I’d rather Juniper, myself. Level2 is handled by Cisco, we’re implementing L3 with Juniper in due time.
    [5] Seriously, you must love at least one language — and not just for tweaking, but thorough script development.
    [6] There be dragons. We’ve gone through a great deal of part-timers and contractors, and there’s some cleaning up to do. If you’re after a position that requires effort, thought and contribution in full — and with the ability to ‘scale’ upwards, this is it.
    Web hosting by Fused — For businesses with more important things to do than worry about their hosting.

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    Thanks! We're still processing through all of the resumes received & should have them complete within a week's time.
    Web hosting by Fused — For businesses with more important things to do than worry about their hosting.

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