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    Moving with cPanel

    I think I am going to leave HostGator and try something else. My shared plan cannot seem to handle the light load of my new forum and that is not acceptable. I think I might go to A Small Orange as I have been hearing good things about them.

    My question is, what do I have to do to safely move my from from one provider to the other? They both have cPanel so I suppose that makes it easier. I know it involves backing up the site and then restoring it, but I don't even know how to do that exactly/fully. I'm just trying to be cautious.

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    I should also note that I am using vBulletin. Would anything need to be changed within the vBulletin admin control panel or config.php?

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    Most of the time your new host will transfer it for free, make sure to back everything up on your own just for precaution. - OpenVZ Virtualization with SolusVM Control Panel on High Quality Servers. - Inexpensive VPSs with great features. - 24/7 Ticket Support with FAST Replies - CEO Jackson H - [email protected]

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    If I recall, you can make a full back up in your cPanel (which you should do regardless.. don't trust anyone) and give it to your host to restore. Otherwise they are able to move it from your old host to your new host on their end.

    One word of caution for moving a forum however: if the forum is active while you transfer files, you will lose posts made during the transfer. I would recommend "turning off" the forum during the transfer. An alternative is moving the database first, switching your database connection to your new host, then while waiting for the domain to switch to the new server all posts will be going to the new database location.

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    If you supply your new host with a full backup of your account, they can then restore it for you. If the same username is used on the new account you should not have to make any changes for the VBulletin to work as it always has.

    Alternatively you can see if your host will perform a server to server transfer. Although I did hear mentions that Hostgator does block these transfers, but I cannot personally verify that.
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    ASO should take care of this for you. Or they used to.

    Just so you know, they are owned by the owner of HostGator haha not to discorouge you. They are a great provider.

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    A full backup meaning the one I get when I used the backup wizard to do a full backup, correct? If so, that's easy enough.

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    Quote Originally Posted by HostAtom View Post
    ASO should take care of this for you. Or they used to.

    Just so you know, they are owned by the owner of HostGator haha not to discorouge you. They are a great provider.
    Ouch, really? Wouldn't it be the same thing then? Under a different branding?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Leiisoft View Post
    Ouch, really? Wouldn't it be the same thing then? Under a different branding?
    Nope. They are completely different. So no worries there. :-)

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    Alright then. To ASO I go. I'll post up how it went as requested in the other thread.

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    Keep us updated.

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    I suppose if you think that it will be a problem with moving for you you always can ask your prospective web hosting provider to help you with the moving.
    In the most cases they will be more then happy to assist.

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    There are ways around it if your old provider does not allow transfer to transfer. Your new provider should be able to help you with that.
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    I'm going to update my other thread with my experience with moving servers. Let's use that one instead.

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