Ok folks I got a detailed question that dredges into the territory of Virtuozzo vs Hyper-V. Firstly lets stay away from the debate of which is better(I know Hyper-V is), but I welcome any useful feedback on limitations and advantages as I'm still learning the in's & out's of both.

I have a client who is asking about using a Windows VPS to run a certain software package (IES). The server will not be used for web hosting. This is what I know of the IES software:

- IES is NOT SQL based
- The development tool is OpenInsight from Revelation Technologies in USA.
- Normally we just copy the IES folder onto a server and run it.
- The only thing which is different is we need 2 OCX files copied and registered in \windows\system32.
- Also need to be able to print so need the printer drivers for that.
- We like to have full access rights to create, modify and delete files, the same with icons on desktops.
- We need remote access from our office.
- There is only one database as far as the network is concerned.
- We do not need any other special facilities.
- We do not anything related to MSSQL or MySQL.

If my understanding is correct a Virtuozzo solution is the same OS emulated for all virtual servers. That being the case will my clients needs even be possible since they want printer drivers and OCX files registered in \windows\system32?

Thanks for the input!