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    * Hosting Companies - How do you handle backups?

    How do you handle server backups to protect against data loss for your clients?

    RAID is obviously not designed to be a backup solution so how do you ensure that your data is safe?

    I'm curious to know what kind of solutions other web hosting companies provide for this important factor in the industry.

    Do you perhaps backup to remote, geographically diverse locations?
    Simply backup to another server in the same DC?

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    Having a RAID active will help you tough,

    we have made a custom script to move the client folder to our second drive,

    every days we also run a rsync to a remote host

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    r1soft to offsite storage.

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    Our shared/reseller fleet have their drives in a hardware RAID array as standard.

    Each server has at least one drive used for local backups. We backup each cPanel account daily to the second drive.

    We then have a very large centralized backup server, many TB's of space utilizing RAID, running R1Soft. We take snapshots every 6 hours with R1Soft and keep 20 of these snap shots (5 days back), as well as 2 weekly and 1 monthly archived backup.

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    We use R1soft and retain the following backups:

    Backup each 6 hours (4 backups/day) retaining the last 12 restoring points;
    Daily Backup retaining the last 7 restore points;
    Weekly Backups (4 backups/month) retaining the last 4 restore points;
    Monthly Backups (1 backup/month) retaining the last 12 restore points;

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    We have RAID 10 plus automated daily backups to offsite servers with some hand-rolled scripts.

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    Raid + R1Soft

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    RAID. Local drive with daily/monthly/weekly backups. Plus R1Soft off-site.
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    R1Soft as well.

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    can anyone recommend an offsite backup server? I'm in need of a server to send WHM/Cpanel FTP backups offsite. thnks!

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    Raid1 and daily/weekly/monthly backups copied locally and to another facility across the country.

    can anyone recommend an offsite backup server? I'm in need of a server to send WHM/Cpanel FTP backups offsite. thnks!
    If you want rsync storage, check out FDC is also running a backup server special -
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    For our shared hosting clients, we currently perform a backup to the servers local disk each night, which is then replicated to a storage server off-site.

    Clients also have the ability to perform a backup of their account at any time from the control panel, which is stored to their account. Clients can then download these backups, or just leave them in their account on the server.

    Needless to say though, all our servers have hardware RAID...

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    Raid 1 + Offline Backup

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    use the normal cpanel backup ( daily / weekly / monthly ) and then Rsync the backup folder to a remote backup server using ssh-key
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    We primarily use backup drives in addition to rsync offsite. Bottom line, you can never have enough backup that is always accessible - so if you can't use one, you have another.
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    Local cPanel Backups weekly
    R1Soft Backups 4 times a day with 30 restore points
    cPanel backups offsite weekly
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