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    1U space - 100% uptime sla

    im looking for a Datacenter that guaranty 100% uptime or have good uptime
    the place of datacenter must be safe from natural disaster or something like that ...

    what i need is whether a fair price for bandwidth or a 100 mbps metred port ? (good price)

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    Specific location ?

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    not important

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    Steadfast has a great setup and has a very good track record. Chicago's safe from disasters short of what happens in their politics

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    Many companies will be able to negotiate an SLA for a slightly higher price.

    Your best bet is to contact each provider separately, they will be able to give you more information since every host is slightly different.

    Are you looking for redundant infrastructure as well? (IE: 2 network drops from different switches, two power drops from different grids etc...?) How redundant do you want to go?
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    For a disaster free datacenter, you better look at Colorado area (ie: Denver) but you cannot find it for cheap. If you really need disaster free and 100% uptime SLA datacenter, why not paying for it ?

    I recommend HandyNetworks LLC contact them and ask for their new colocation pricing which has not been listed in their website yet.

    - Aria

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    I live in Pittsburgh so I might come off as bias but it is a great location its not susceptible to the majority of natural disasters such as hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, volcanoes, tsunamis. The data center we have space in has 100SLA and will do 1U.
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    I think your forgetting the most important thing of all. Your hardware???? You say 1u. Therefore i am thinking 1 server. What happens if something fails in your servers (there is more of a chance of this happening) than the network/power/cooling failing of a DC. If your looking for a 100% uptime (even though financially anything is possible) realistically it can never happen. You need to load balance between multiple sites.
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    There are quite a few providers who will provide you with 100% SLA. It is also very true when they say Chicago is one of the safest cities in the US for a data center.

    How much bandwidth do you need?
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    We are having our servers in couple of datacenters mentioned above which we believe are very safe from disasters and they have been nothing less than phenomenal - Handy Networks in Denver & SteadFast in Chicago.
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