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    Client Portal for Product Website?

    I have an eBook that I sell on my website and I'm looking to basically add a login-only support portal for clients who've made purchases.

    I know I can probably retrofit WHMCS to my needs, but does anyone know of a product that's specifically designed for e-commerce support?

    For example, I'm going to make some YouTube instructional videos (based on my customer feedback) but I only want those videos to be available to paying customers. I know that I can make the YouTube videos unlisted, but I still need a good way to make a login/customer-only way to provide the support content.

    Thanks in advance for any suggestions.
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    Just use some eCommerce application like Open cart. It has the option for downloadable products also..
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    Have you considered using Wordpress for this ?

    I recently did a site for a client where they only wanted their support content available to their customers, their budget was pretty tight so we set them up with Wordpress where you can only view the pages if your registered.

    They have a small customerbase so maintaining it is pretty easy but if you have a alot of customers you could buy one of the wordpress membership plugins to automate it more.

    Take a look at wp-member its about 40 dollars I think
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