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    How to buy supermicro servers?

    hi, can you help me?

    I want colo some racks with, Fremont CA

    but I don't known how to buy supermicro hardwares.

    I want all servers have integrated ipmi remote managed.

    which is the cheaper solutions for impi intergrated?

    Thank you,sir.


    I am requesting an adviser, I will payment for you . you can add my msn: [email protected]

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    If you're looking for a company to purchase the hardware through, Atacom is great and they are located in Freemont.

    If you're looking for hardware recommendations you'll need to supply more information, like your budget and how the servers will be used.

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    Thank you!

    I am looking the company to purchase hardwares.

    I am looking Atacom now

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    Take a look at lionfire solutions as well. They will provide you with the servers already built. Very professional and reasonable costs as well.
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    I second ATACOM. Short drive and can do will-call if you are in the area. I've been buying my SM atoms and chassis from there happily.

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    I third Atacom. We've been working with Jacky at Atacom for years. We also use Superbiiz (aka eWiz), Provantage, and Newegg.

    Keep in mind that Supermicro doesn't sell ready-to-go servers. You either have to buy the parts to put it together yourself, buy one of their barebones models (and add the CPU/RAM/HD yourself), or buy a server from a company that builds them.
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    Acme micro has some pretty good prices
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    We have got many systems from ASLab (also in Freemont just near HE) over the years. The systems on their web are really mostly supermicro systems built to order. They can also custom build systems to specs also.

    They are a small outfit focusing on Linux but they have served us well over the years.



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    Quote Originally Posted by Lockjaw View Post
    I second ATACOM. Short drive and can do will-call if you are in the area. I've been buying my SM atoms and chassis from there happily.
    He's in hong kong.

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    164 is a great place to begin your search!
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    Thanks a lot

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    I've had good luck with - configured and built a couple of supermicro servers for me a couple of years back, good warranty policy (replaced a couple of drives after 2 years, for nothing)

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    I recommend

    Chong is really great to deal with. Very knowledgeable. Ordered 1 high end server already and will soon add more :-)
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    Any suggestions in the Boston/Cambridge area?

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