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    * PPTP Fix and LP2TP/IPSec instalation

    Hello, i have manage to install a PPTP on a CentOS 5 64Bits, is working but the vpn conections are very slow, i have a Dedicated Server with unlimited Bandwith, this is what i need:

    1 - Solve the PPTP slow issue. (let me know what happend)
    2 - Install LP2TP/IPSec.
    3 - I like to know if i can use same VPN server and also have OpenVZ(i have lot of space) so i can have Virutal Machines for diferents uses.

    Thanks let me know who has experince thanks.

    looking for long term relationship not a one time job, if your a good Linux Guru of course!
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    asciiDigital i have send you a email, thanks for the fast reply

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    We can help you with this. Send us an e-mail to sales [at] xesupport [dot] net so that we can get started immediately
    XeSupport - Premier American-Based Outsourced Support and Server Management Solutions
    25-minute response time guarantee for you AND your customers!

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    Thanks XeSupport, i have found some one all ready (That Was Fast)

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    I have to Re-Open this REquest, if you have the skills to Setup a VPN over PPTP and LP2T/IPSec, please contact me and send Estimated time to finish and a cuote of your services.


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    Hi jmoises

    I am an experienced Systems Administrator and have worked with a 100 seat software development firm, managing their entire network & IT Infrastructure
    This is just to highlight my skillset match with the job at hand... not to boast about me.

    Your job post looks very interesting and I would love to have a chance to work on it. I have the right knowledge & experience to complete the Setup a VPN over PPTP and LP2T/IPSec for you. Working with networks & Servers is more of a passion for me and my clients have seen it in the attention to detail I bring to the task.

    I look forward to hear back from you.


    [email protected]

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    I have pay first to and hi was not able to finish the job, i also hire and they not finish the job, so my question is very simple, is there any profesional lunux guru with experince in vpn around here? if you up to the job PM me, i dont want to pay any penny until job is done, so if you think you can do it contact me.

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