A Serchen Pay Per Click account means you can run a PPC campaign across one of the world’s largest marketplaces! We cover all aspects of web hosting, servers, domains, backup and SaaS across our 6 great brands. Take a look at them here:

Web Hosting/Hosted Services: www.webhostdir.com

Servers: www.dedicatedserverdir.com

SaaS: www.saasdir.com

Domains: www.domainsdir.com

Online Backup: www.onlinebackupdir.com

We’ve also got a brand new Cloud site coming up next week so you can be the first to run PPC campaigns across it! Please contact us directly about the Cloud site as it’s not online until Thursday.

Our average conversion rates range from 2 – 11% which once again tops search engines whose rates can drop as low as 0.01%.

Serchen have over 14 years experience running online advertising and PPC campaigns and have a dedicated team of experts who can give you some great tips on how to maximise your ROI.

The initial deposit to your account is just $200 and cost per click starts at $0.05 – only valid clicks are charged so you know you won’t be wasting money.

Give us a try and sign up for a Serchen PPC account here

If you’ve got any questions, drop me an email on [email protected] and I can pass your query on to one of our top account managers.

You can also submit any enquiries here: http://www.serchen.com/contact/

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Robyn Smith
Website Content Manager
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