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  1. Highend hosting investment

    Okay so I am looking for a partner, currently my company is running but i want to be able to expand and offer budget vps
    I have a plan but need capital, lookin for minimum 10,000 this
    is to purchase Server Hardware, New web design, and licensing and colocation costs.

    This partner should also be able to handle support requests,
    minimal website updates and be available for a good portion of time per day.

    I have priced out the hardware and will gather colocation info.

    Please contact me at [email protected] if interested.
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  2. #2're asking for $250k in one thread, and $10k in another? Am I missing something?

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    You want someone to invest 10K and have him do support aswell? If i had that kind of money to invest in something, i'd prefer to just watch it grow and supervise.

    Just my 2cents, good luck.

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    Indeed. Asking for money and time from the same person is a mistake I see in these threads quite often. Typically someone who shells out 10K to a stranger has better things to do than reply support tickets and someone who's eager to work his ass off in a start-up will rarely have 10K lying around.

    Definitely more than 2 cents ;-)

  5. @kensandell First of all this is a different thread asking for a different thing.

    @ich1ban I asked for a partner not an investor.

    @xnpu again as i said partner, I have the drive the hunger but not the funds to do what I want. And I can't be available 24 hours a day.
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    Interested PM me with details for additional discussion. Also try to answer these questions

    What will be the collateral ?
    Safety of investment ?
    Recovery of investment if your plan fails ?
    Current revenues ?
    Length of time in business ?
    Are you expanding or starting a new venture ?
    ROI time ?
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