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    Windows VPS NameServers

    Hello, I just got a new windows vps. And It's my first time. I'm about to register a new domain in namecheap and i need to enter custom nameservers. And i only got 1 IP address with my XEN VPS.

    Any help is appreciated.

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    Create ns1/ at your registrar and point them to two IP address on your VPS. Setup some sort of DNS server on your VPS and have DNS answer to the ns1/ nameservers you setup at your registrar. Make sure to use the same IP addresses you pointed the nameservers to at the registrar. You would then need port 53 both TCP and UDP open in your firewall to allow DNS to function properly externally.

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    If you only have 1 ip, you can use it for ns1 and ns2 unless the domain registrar do not allow it, you can always ask your provider for additional ip.
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    When i input and in namecheap it says "Invalid" ..

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    Ok, so i registered my new domain. And i'm about to transfer my domain to my new windows vps. It says "Please enter DNS name only (ex: Please don't enter IP
    addresses. " I didn't set up any DNS on my VPS. Can i just enter and ??

    Thank You.

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    You need to install dns service on the VPS.
    Register nameserver with Namecheap, ns1 ns2 pointing to VPS IP.
    Create dns zone for your domain on your VPS, include ns1 ns2 A record.
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    Worked. Thank you very much.

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