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    VPS for MySQL - UK, some advice

    Hi All,

    I'm not sure if this is the correct sub-forum for this but here we go anyway...

    I'm developing a new MySQL based business application and am evaluating VPS options.

    I'm a developer rather than a DBA so while I can optimise my SQL and indexes, I know little about hosting environments for getting the best performance out of MySQL.

    Can anybody, from personal experience, recommend a VPS provider (UK based servers preferred), that offers a VPS package and image well suited to MySQL?

    Perhaps a service such as but UK based?


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    Check out FutureHosting.....they're excellent!

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    You could run mysql server in almost any VPS. However mysql servers are usually heavy disk io bound and with a VPS you are sharing the disk io with all the other VPSes on the node... So for heavy use mysql server i would recommend dedicated server instead of VPS.

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    If you were looking for VPS hosting, we do provide that as well. But the link that you had placed in the forums, refers to our shared containers. Even though they provide an environment somewhat similar to a VPS, you will not get the same performance out of a container that you would from our (dv). Let me know if there is any questions I can help answer for you, and thanks for considering us.
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