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    [EU] 100Mbps Unmetered starting at 49.46EUR per month!

    European 100Mbps Unmetered Dedicated Server!

    We are upgrading hardware and some of last gen servers come available constantly, those who are willing to wait for last gen server gets significant discounts, others receive either last gen or newest model.

    • Core2Duo 2.33Ghz CPU
    • 2Gb RAM
    • 2x500Gb S-ATA HDDs
    • 100Mbps Unmetered connection

    10 Off monthly: I-WILL-WAIT-FOR-MINI, final price: 54.95
    10% Off recurring: I-WILL-WAIT-FOR-MINI-GIVE-ME-TEN, final price semiannual: 49.46 per month.

    More details

    Don't want to wait?
    Don't use either coupon, the above mentioned specs are the minimum specs you will receive for the server.
    Pulsed Media: Seedbox hosting and Dedicated Servers for content distribution

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    Which datacenter? 100Mbit shared or dedicated?
    I'm using services from:,,,

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    Good question
    Quote Originally Posted by muratzilla View Post
    Which datacenter? 100Mbit shared or dedicated?
    Can you even ask for dedicated at that price? It's of-course shared.

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