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    Central IPMI Management / Access

    Is anyone aware of a control panel or system available to centrally manage access to IPMI on servers? I have many servers with IPMI (Supermicro) and it would be much more efficient if there was a way to centrally grant access to users and or admins from one place. Maybe all of the IPMI credentials would have the same user / pass setup on a private network and the control panel would have a public IP and would control the users and what server(s) they could access. Now, if something like this could be integrated into WHMCS (or other billing setup) that would be great.
    Anyone aware of anything like this?

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    I'm not aware of anything, but I'm curious about this also. I'd also like to see if there's a way to harness IPMI to automate other things, similar to what Softlayer is doing.
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    Might be able to implement an ldap or radius server in some way that integrates with WHMCS... how you would be able to specify which machine is a tough one.
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    I use the Supermicro provided java based application to manage all of my devices. However it isn't web based. It would need to be installed on a workstation, but can store hosts and login information for them. As for pushing out mass user changes, it would definitely need some sort of ldap/radius/tacacs+ support.

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    I have integrated the Dell iDRAC with WHMcs before, wasn't too hard as most of the functions can be called over a SSH connection, simple reboot button in the client area isn't too hard to do.

    No sure if it would work but you could give the client direct access, may be using something like FreeRadius (plus the MySQL plugin) to integrate with the WHMcs database for centralized credentials.
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    Both reboots and user management can easily be automated by writing your own script that calls command-line "ipmitool".

    Only thing that is complicated is KVM, as it is proprietary, and no standard tool can work with it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by UH-Bobby View Post
    I'm not aware of anything, but I'm curious about this also. I'd also like to see if there's a way to harness IPMI to automate other things, similar to what Softlayer is doing.
    What sort of automation would you like to see?

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    Very interested

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    Check out noc-ps
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