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    In previous posts you write that you have multiple servers, yet on here only 2 are displayed .
    Server load for U.S. and DE1 is kinda high as well.
    I mean props to you on holding the server up for 82 days, but will you ever push your other servers to spike this high?

    DE1 DE 6.97 12 Days 14:26:55
    US1 US 5.48 82 Days 21:07:56
    I'm used to loads of 1-4%, I'm looking forward to moving here since my current host isn't doing very well support wise these days.

    Can you provide statistics of your other servers.
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    Hi there, and thanks for your interest.

    The servers listed on the server status page are the only two we have for our shared and resellers at the moment. Reason being that most of our clientele is VPS and dedicated servers.
    Naturally, more will be added when needed, as we do not plan to overload our servers.

    Both of these servers have 8 logical cores and 8 or more GB RAM, so they can easily sustain loads of 8 without any problems. However, most of the time you will find that the loads are considerably less. They might spike from time to time when the server is doing updates (cPanel updates, or bandwidth calculations, and so on), but it will never last long.

    Let me know if you have any further questions.


    IceBlueHost | Premium Quality Hosting Solutions
    Shared | Reseller | Xen VPS | Dedicated | cPanel | Softaculous | CLoudLinux | Game Servers
    True 24x7 Support | No Overselling | Servers in France and Canada
    Follow us on Twitter for the latest news and special promotions

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