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    Seeking investors for a strong web hosting project


    We are looking to start a web hosting project, actually it has been already start, but we are planning to grow fast, very fast and real growing.
    We have a large experience and knowledge in the hosting industry, we are very smart thinking guys, fast decisions and powered by big business consultants.
    we have a strong business plan that will generate tons of customers by the end of this year, this is really the strongest business plan in the industry.
    we execute our guarantees! we are not willing to put any investment at risk, we will give a full details and proven guarantees.
    We are willing to start our project with a big start, our business plan has nothing to do with forum posting and using signatures to attract peoples etc... no this has nothing to do with any of those rehashed methods, this is much bigger, this is not about wasting money on just google adwords and wait till the results show up(perhaps nothing will show up), No, This is totally different, this is totally successful.
    we guarantee a minimum of XX,XXX Customer By the first year, and growing fast.

    Situation Over View :

    Status : Start Up ( Everything is ready ).
    Domain Name : One of the best in the industry.
    Business Plan : Strong, Strong, Very Strong
    Marketing Strategies : Brand New
    Failing Risk : 0.01%
    Seeking Amount : $300k-$500k - ( It Doesn't matter How, if you are an investor or able to bring an investor, Personal or Business Loan, in all cases you/we are in a Win-Win Situation PM me to request a conversation regarding this opportunity )

    We are not one of the guys who claim guarantees and do not execute it, if you can provide the required investment, and you are serious about this ?, i will ask you to PM me and we will have a discussion with Full Details.

    Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

    Best Regards,
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    How might I ask are you going to guarantee xx,xxx clients a year?
    Web hosting by Fused For businesses with more important things to do than worry about their hosting.

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    Quote Originally Posted by David View Post
    How might I ask are you going to guarantee xx,xxx clients a year?
    This question will be answered only to investors/partners, i can't discuss such things here on public forum.
    it's my marketing strategies that guarantee that, it's what i do, i mean this is all i was doing in the past months, searching and searching to build an unbreakable business plan .

    so, if this seems to be interesting for you, Please PM me for more details


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