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    any good way to manage user and let them online reboot server ?


    i know many company use ubersmith's software to manage their client,

    because it has many feature,include online reboot,..etc,

    but i think ubersmith is too expensive to me,

    is any better way to manage client and let they can reboot server from client area directly?


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    There are mods / addons available for WHMCS that offer this. Check the WHMCS forums and you will see a couple of them available. They work well, I have persoanlly used a couple of them in WHMCS.
    You can also setup bandwidth graphs in WHMCS rather easily using cacti and simple template mods .
    The full feature set available with Ubersmith's device manager and IP management is hard to replicate in something like WHMCS, but the basic reboot and bandwidth graphing is easily had.

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    Thanks for the post, i was curious too

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    You can find the addon for WHMCS easily and having a remote rebootable PDU can complete the job which is not that costly if you have serious amount of customers (or even not, its cheap anyways).

    - Aria

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    Look up noc-ps
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