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    Cool ★★JOE’S★★ - Live Camera LOOK!! - Single Server Mid-Tower Colo only $40!!!!

    Colo your server with Joe's Datacenter in Kansas City and save $$$.
    In the past year we have more than doubled our facility size so take a look & view our new colo room live camera! Also be sure to check out the bandwidth upgrades as you can now get 100Mbps unmetered for $50 /month.

    Mid-Tower Server COLO

    • 2,000GB /Month Transfer
    • or 10Mb Unmetered
    • 5 included IP’s
    • MRTG Network Graphs

    Just $40.00 /Month Order Now

    Why Should You Host at Joe's?

    1. MRTG Network Graphs
    2. No Hidden Charges
    3. Free DirectAdmin if Requested
    4. Easy to use Ticket and Billing System
    5. And... a new friend in the datacenter business!

    Facility Features:

    Temperature and Humidity Sensors in Every Row
    Security Camera on Every Row and through out the Facility
    Network Overview
    Datacenter Tour

    Check out other package deals on our website at
    If you’re interested send me an e-mail to [email protected]
    Joe Morgan @ Joe’s Datacenter, LLC-
    Affordable & Reliable Dedicated Servers| VPS |Colocation in the Midwest

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    I'll be posting my questions here since sending emails seems useless...
    If any fellow client of Joe may answer these, I'd appreciate as well.

    1- I believe we're limited to one OS reinstallation per month : how much do you charge beyond this limit?
    2- Is swapping (adding/removing) faulty memory and defective hard drives covered by your free remote hands? Otherwise, what are the fees associated with this?
    3- Does customers with less than 10 servers also have access to the spare parts storage lockers or would I have to store spare parts within server's chassis?

    I'm currently unable to login in Ubersmith and recover my password, would you please have a look at this? Client ID : 2285.


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    We do one free OS reload and then its $25 /reload. We charge $25 /month for remote hands but we do free reboots 24/7 as many as you need. We will hook a monitor up and do basic troubleshooting for free but anything like new drive swaps upgrades ect is $25 /hour. All colo customers can have a locker if they request it. We actually have two sizes of lockers so based on how much you have we might just give you a smaller locker. If you have a support problem send a support e-mail to [email protected] from the address on file. We do not provide support through WHT and have staff there all the time that can help you. Make sure you don't include it with a sales e-mail as they go to different departments. Also we just hired a new sales guy and he is working on getting back with everyone so please do send the e-mail to [email protected] and you will get a response.
    Joe Morgan @ Joe’s Datacenter, LLC-
    Affordable & Reliable Dedicated Servers| VPS |Colocation in the Midwest

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