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    Prevent/minimize fake sent email

    I have a domain that uses Google Apps, with very few accounts on it. The account I'm using as a catchall keeps getting bounces and the occasional Out of Office reply to spam that's sent with gibberish @mydomain as a false "from" field. So, clearly there's a lot of spam being sent out that claims to be from my domain.

    I thought I'd read of a way to at least make some servers authenticate that it's really coming from your domain first, but I'm having trouble searching for it with the generic terms I use in my query.

    Can anybody help me out?

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    You should google "SPF Record".
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    I suppose there are several spam filters related to that should exist. And you can use them to prevent such emails.

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    I think, you can use auto response query in this situation to inform them that the concern mail first came from their domain or server not yours.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CrocWeb View Post
    You should google "SPF Record".
    Thanks, I've added the appropriate SPF record for google apps

    As for you other two, you don't seem to have read my post...

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    No problem, hope this resolves your issue.
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    Google Apps now allows you to setup DKIM records, I would set those up as well.

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    Joe Jobs are going to exist, SPF records can help, but is not going to totally solver it .
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    For those getting spam, etc - goto cPanel - Email - Email Authentication and enable Domain Keys and SPF.

    You can also setup rules for Account Level Filtering or User Level Filtering at cPanel - Email.

    Hope this helps.
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