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    PLEASE HELP! I'm loosing clients!

    I have an IBM bladecenter with LS20 blades. On one server I have a xen vps with CPANEL. From yesterday it began stucking from time to time. The guys from my actual admin package did nothing at all, I had to hard-reset the whole blade, cause the xm create got stucked in "checking if image is initramfs...". Is there anyone online willing to help me, I will pay no matter what.

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    If this is still unresolved then please visit or send in an email to support [at] servermascot [dot] com

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    If you still have problems, please email to support[at]
    Server Management l 24/7/365 l Linux l Windowsl 15+ years experience
    sales [at] - for general inquiries
    911 [at] - for any urgent help

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