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    Cirtex Hosting Sucks [Thread spit]

    Cirtex Hosting Sucks

    [#CLU-724258]: Videos are getting truncated after upload, to 4 or 5 mnutes only
    Important mainly because of the people in the conversation.

    hide details 1:32 AM (22 hours ago)


    Thank you for your patience and cooperation.We upload the test video near than 80MB.The video file is uploaded and working without any shared server please try to upload the video between 40MB to 60MB for best uploading and conversion process.

    let us know the further details.Thank you.
    CirtexHosting - Simon
    Customer Service Representative / Level 1 Tech Support
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    cirtexhosting - a bunch of ******** on the web

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    Ticket ID: CLU-724258
    Department: Support
    Priority: Low
    Status: On Hold
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    They have been down for 1 day / 7 hours now...

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