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    cheap FR/Germany/ VPS

    Hi all

    Im looking for something like this ( i know its dificult to find ) ...

    2GB Ram
    20GB Space
    500GB bandwidth
    1 ip

    ( unmanaged of course )

    and with the possibility to run CentOS.
    nothing else!

    I cant find any provider that can make custom plans << snipped >>

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    Did you check hetzner?
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    You may also want to post your budget, as well. That'll help with the recommendations. Do your homework, though, and research research research!
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    Does an underpowered processor work for you? NetDirekt sells dedicated Atom D510 in Frankfurt with 2GB RAM 250GB hd 5TB bw for ~25 euros. sells dedicated in France starting ~15 euros.

    Ikoula offers cheap VPS and cloud in France.
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    Almost all host able to let you run CentOS.
    It just that you need to let us know your rough budget on the stated spec.
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    What is your budget?

    I don't see why you have a problem getting this, or problems why a company wouldn't provide centos. You should be able to get this from alot of providers. I seen a few posted in the VPS offers over-looking it this morning..

    What is your budget, maybe we can point some more out to you..
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    Hi all

    tks for the replys

    Im thinking in Giga-International

    they offer in V-Server M
    Price 10€ / month

    RAM = 2 GB (guaranteed)
    HD = 100 GB

    in the cpu
    "One core,single priority"

    I've sent them some question about the cpu speed and the result of
    dd if=/dev/zero of=test bs=64k count=16k conv=fdatasync

    lets wait and see

    if some of you know any offer like this contact me please.

    Regards and thanks once again

    EDIT: dedibox seems interesting for 15€ :]

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    dear also read B.W limitation applied by Giga-International...

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    In, their VQ19 is 2GB RAM, 80GB Space, 4TB Bandwidth located in Germany for 19.9€.

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