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    I was going to let this domain die but like a moron I just accidentally renewed it for 5 years. That'll teach me to go messing around in namecheap after a few beers.

    It's good until 4/19/2016 and is currently through NameCheap.

    I'm just looking to get my renewal fee of $50 bucks back. I have no idea if this domain is even worth anything. What the heck, I figured I'd see what happens.

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    If you don't mind me asking... what were you using the domain name for initially?

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    Short version: Just a personal website to mess around and learn coding/web design/php/etc.

    Long version:
    In the mid 90s as a PC gamer I came up with a name that at the time was very seldom used. I used it as a username for various websites and games to stop the "this username is already in use" scenario. Sometime later I registered the domain as a personal website for anything and everything. Just my little corner of the internet.

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