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    BurstNET 1 Month Review

    I thought I would post my positive review for BurstNET seen as they have provided me with a great level of service so far!

    So, lets start from the beginning.
    I put in a little background research, looked at a few reviews, checked out the website and looked at their activity on here.
    They had a really good offer on at the time on new VPS in Los Angeles. Even though negative reviews seemed to outweigh positive reviews I tend to overlook quite a lot of them,
    as the minority of unhappy customer are more likely to complain and competitors like to make other companies look bad.
    Anyway, I signed up for an LA VPS and paid my invoice minutes later at 02:56 on that day, I then received my VPS information email at 03:16.
    Now, some might say that is slow, but its a budget provider, and it gives me faith that they check their new signups for fraud etc.

    So I began to setup my VPS and everything was fine, I noticed a few problems with emails being delivered to some addresses,
    again I did a little research and realised this was due to the fact the IP addresses didnt have any reverse DNS information.
    So I opened a support ticket requesting reverse DNS to be setup for my IP address at 14:43, to which I received a reply at 14:51 saying this had been done.
    Many of the negative reviews and comments I had seen were about BurstNETs slow support, this shows a total opposite,
    a budget provider replying to my ticket saying the action had been completed in 8 minutes amazes me!

    The node I am on appears to be rock solid, no downtime, very fast, good download speeds, I cant fault it at all, especially for the price.
    Never had any problems with uptime or availability. I have actually been monitoring the server with Hyperspin every 15 minutes and it shows 100% uptime.

    I have submitted tickets to both the Support and Billing sections.
    Support response times averaged at 54 minutes for any issues to be completely resolved.
    I have only opened one ticket with Billing and I received a response in 1 minute!

    I cannot fault BurstNET at all and wonder whether all the negative reviews are legitimate. If you need a budget provider, BurstNET are well established, cheap and I definately recommend them.

    I will definately keep you all posted of future experiences with them!

    I have also reported the IP of my VPS for verification
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    Glad to hear you've had such a positive experience with them. Most of the negative reviews of BurstNET seem to be misunderstandings rather than failures on their part.

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    glad you are having a good experience with Burstnet. Its been a while since there were good reviews on burstnet.

    Do drop in another review after a few more months

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    in what spec are your vps on ?
    also can you give us a dd test ?
    please cmiiw always

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    Quote Originally Posted by jtodd View Post
    Glad to hear you've had such a positive experience with them. Most of the negative reviews of BurstNET seem to be misunderstandings rather than failures on their part.
    That's right.

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