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    About the geographical location of servers/host service

    Hey everyone.

    I'm in the market for new webhosting. Likely will choose a shared hosting to start as my projects are beginning.

    Although I am based in Canada, I use to live in the US where at a time I had service with Lunarpage

    I was happy with them I must say.

    I got out of the website owner scene, and now returning to it.

    Although the internet is seamless, I am unclear for, say,between 2 companies with same feature/price hosting company, what advantage/disadvantage is there to their location. ( restrictions or what).

    With that said,
    is it to my advantage to stay in North America or not?

    I mean unlike the tv commercial where the old lady returns her car tire by throwing it through the store window where she bought it...that is not an issue with hosting,

    Are there motivations out there because some website operators want to be in a looser law environement/country? for whatever reasons?

    Just want to get some perspective on this.
    Any thoughts?


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    I would ask where is the majority of your target audience? Where will you traffic be coming from? Is the content static dynamic? As far as the legality in the US or Canada I am not sure but I would say that the laws would probably be similar. I don't see anything that would stand out legally on either country that would constitute a reason NOT to host in either particular country.

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    Hi OP,

    depending on what your site's primary content is you would likely be doing your self a service by figuring out where your primary users are from. A easy and quick browsing experience will keep users coming back and help build your site's community.

    When it comes to the difference between hosting in the stats vs. Canada I would think the difference would be so minimal your better served by going based off of the price and reputation rather than location. Having your primary users in China and hosting in Chicago is one thing but going from the states to Canada really shouldn't be too big of an issue.

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    If you are returning to trade, you ought to search for Iweb dc as it is based in canada, and will offer you great ping latency.
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