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    Updating SAS Drive Firmware

    Hello Everyone,

    I have Seagate Constellation ST32000444SS drives connected to 3ware 9690SA host controller on my colocated servers. The drives are having performance issues. After consulting with LSI and Seagate, they recommended updating the drives' firmware. Seagate sent me the new firmware and seatool (st) to perform that update. However, when I run st, it refuses to update the drives with the following error:

    "Downloading is only supported on Seagate drives"

    So obviously st is not recognizing the installed drive as Seagate. When I list the drives with "st -l", I get:

    /dev/sg0 AMCC 9690SA-4I DISK
    /dev/sg1 AMCC 9690SA-4I DISK

    So, the drives are listed as AMCC/9790SA-4I devices, not Seagate drives.

    I asked my colocation company to see if they can update the drives on other systems, but they couldn't figure out how to do it either. Seagate didn't offer further help with the update.

    Any suggestion on how I can go about this update?


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    Normally you can't flash drives while they are in a raid array. In most cases (when its sata) you can toss the drives on the internal ports to flash them then move them back to the raid card. In this case as these are SAS drives you will need a non raid card something like a basic LSI non raid card. In some cases raid cards allow being set as JOBD which passes disks on w/o being in a raid array, but be careful as you might wipe your raid config.
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    WebNX, thank you for your followup. I don't mind wiping out my RAID config on the drives because I will update them one by one, rebuilding the array after each update. What I need in that case is a non-RAID SAS card. Any specific model number you recall?


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