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    Charset problem on WHMCS

    We have a small problem with WHMCS support ticket piping.
    We are using iso-8859-1 as system charset in WHMCS because of foreign translation which contains and letter for example.

    Now if a person will send a message which is containing those letters, the support ticket won't be save properly. It shows those letters as ä and ö. But if the answer to the support ticket was made online, letters will be saved correctly.

    The funny thing is that on the same server we have also another WHMCS install with the same system charset and it doesn't have problems saving those foreign letters correctly even when emailing.

    Any idea what could be the issue here?
    I have been waiting WHMCS support to answer me now for few days, I'm thinking that they might not know either. Only difference between those two WHMCS is that the working one is older (4.2.1) and the non-working one is brand new (4.4.2)
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    Have you tried converting the collation of your tables to utf8?

    (might wanna use utf8_unicode_ci rather than utf8_general_ci from the example, to avoid issues with characters like /ss and such)

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