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    Godaddy - Priamry domain change - fsockopen() error


    I have my hosting with Godaddy.
    I have changed my Primary Domain from to Before that I was testing my new site in the subfolder vivmajor (which now is serving
    During tests the Iframe in the site was working fine ( The IFrame is calling the whois folder - so the path when called in an Iframe was giving results for domain name search)
    Now after the change in Primary domain from to, the call to the IFrame with path opens the page but when a name is input for domain name search I get the below mentioned error.

    Warning: fsockopen() [function.fsockopen]: unable to connect to (Connection timed out) in /home/content/v/i/v/vivmajor/html/whois/whois.php on line 98
    Error: ( Connection timed out (110)

    Also, the Drupal contact email is also not getting through.

    The Godaddy support is saying that it is not a server issue.

    Maybe not. But I have no clue about what and where is wrong.
    It would be really great if someone can point to any solution.

    Please note that I am not able to give the complete URLS as I suppose this being my first post I am not allowed to post urls.

    This is my first post - please excuse me for any mistakes!


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    not totally understand what you mean.
    but i think you change primary is not good idea.

    i think you should modify this

    i am usually take unused domain to be primary.
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    @vivmajor: what I can see there is that either was down (which should be rare) or Godaddy somehow blocked all outbound connections to due to an attack.

    Having a PHP script that could allow anyone (including robots) to perform a whois on your site without a human verification or limit, could lead to an indirect attack to Verisign in this case, and I'm sure Godaddy doesn't want that - Home to over 23,000 websites.
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    Thanks for your replies.

    Just saw from phpinfo file, that it is only loading the php.ini file from the root folder. Additional php.ini files from the sub directories are not loaded.
    Any pointers how to solve this?

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    As far as the Contact mail is concerned - changed the site email address to domain specific email account and its working.

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