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    Advertisement at

    list our ad on top ad area of our site for
    $5 for 20000 Impression.

    site Details
    Alexa Traffic Rank: 882,991
    Traffic Rank in US: 286,412

    Daily hits ~ 1000

    please mail at info[at]kgninfosystems[dot]in

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    How could your daily hits ~ 1000 and your alexa rank is 882,991 ?,
    i will ask you to post a screenshot of your website stats,

    I can not believe that, because alexa don't make mistakes.

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    what do you expect from a 6 months old site?

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    Easy there buddy....
    Neil Ghuman
    IT Manager for Motorcycle Market, a Motorcycle Accessories company
    IT Manager for Get A Host and Get A Backup
    Looking to purchase established hosting companies for $XXX to $XX,XXX

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    Quote Originally Posted by kgninfos View Post
    what do you expect from a 6 months old site?
    You can not cheat WHT members in such things, they will catch you, even if it was a 15 days old site, it will not be 800k for 1000 visit daily,

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    Just the price tag says LOL!!!

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    it is just impossible because alexa has daily updates, with 1000 unique visitors a day, that means 30,000 a month, in 6 months the site should be ranked in 20,000 or even less.

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    I don't count 6months?
    - 3 months 20 days (According to Whois created on 09.12.2010).

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    lol Yeah that's True, i did not take a look, but according to his reply he is claiming 6 months then this guy is a liar
    take a look at the #3 Post

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