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    what kind of server I should look and please suggest provider.

    We are looking for new server which can support very high traffic (around million per hour may be more) the content served is dynamic and will be serving images mostly, cost is not factor but uptime and DDoS is required.
    We are looking into following at the moment
    rackspace, limestone, the planet
    any other if you guys can recommend.


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    Hi there,

    Do you happen to know your total bandwidth requirements? And are you needing management for your server or are you able to manage it yourself?
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    Hi Kris
    Thanx for replying at the moment we dont have idea about bandwidth but if needed we will upgrade it without any fuss just that provider should let us know.
    About managment though we can manage it (will be using whm/cpanel) but we will be more than happy if provider can look for us we are not going to resell or something like that it is just that we need to host our sites and it is not that we need only 1-2 server we are going to hire approximately 5-6 may be more in later stages as our project is too big to use only one server.
    It would be good if you can tell me that if we store more than million images/videos in database then what kind of specifications we need to go for, thats why our boss has given me these requirements:
    1. No Downtime
    2. Prevention from DDoS and hackers.
    3. Location (we need it for india)
    4. How about managment
    I dont want that my boss should be after my neck if anything goes wrong and it is really urgent.

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    You can't prevent a ddos or hacking... you can only protect it from ddos or secure the server.
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    yeah thats what i meant sorry but honestly we really want ome very good solution for our site and i need to provide solution very very urgently

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    You can also try

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    1. No Downtime
    2. Prevention from DDoS and hackers.
    3. Location (we need it for india)
    4. How about managment
    1. first is reachable
    2.two is under control you can use cisco ASA 5550 or etc with config
    3.india is not under political Boycotts so you can buy from all of the world
    4.if you have server managment knowledge you can do it if not you can order to dc

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    It might be interesting to know also what kind of budget you have available for this project? - Online in no time
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