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    Trouble with mx records


    I have a windows 2003 server and one web site and a mail server on it.

    I decided to change mail server and after that problems started. I bought my domain from godaddy. On godaddy's domain management section i changed everything about "mail" "mx" to new server's ip, but mails still comming to old mail server.

    I'm stuck with this.
    Is there any sugessions or an article about that?

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    If you've pointed the domain to the first server, you will have to tell THAT server about the new mail server.

    So go into your windows server, and edit the MX entries there. Not at GoDaddy.

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    Tahnks for reply Nop

    system not let me to upload an image. So im writting my dns forward lookup zone records below

    Name type data
    mail Host(A) new ip
    mail Mail Exchanger(MX) [10]new ip
    mail Mail Exchanger(MX) [0]new ip
    mail Mail Exchanger(MX) [5]new ip
    spf Text(TXT) v=spf a mx:....
    www Host(A) old ip

    is there any wrong here?

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    Remove the old Mailing account from your server ,

    for example if your domain name is so remove the from your old mailing server .
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    It should be

    @ MX (IP address here)

    Don't add www. anywhere or mail. anywhere etc.
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    thanks all for replys

    i stopped smtp service on old server. Removed www and mail records.

    "@ MX (IP address here)" what kind of a record is this? mx,txt or sth else?

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    tried tried tried finally found the clue

    in godaddy i made an mx record

    host: @ (old server ip)
    points to:

    and on the old server just an mx record points to new ip and thats it.

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    That's good info.
    Hope you'll not have issues in future.

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