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    Thrustvps windows setup time?

    It 's been a day since I paid for the windows dallas vps , I thought it was a immediate setup but its not . A ticket was submitted to billing team but no one attends to it . Any idea what's up with thrust?

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    Its says instant on their status page:

    You just got to patient and wait I guess

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    Where is the owner .... I put the ticket to critical and no one is replying as well

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    Maybe some error with their VPS setup system. Hyper-V SSD VPS USA London Singapore
    Reseller Hosting Cpanel PURE SSD CloudLinux Softaculous
    Windows Reseller Asp.NET 4.5 MSSQL 2012 SmarterMail Enterprise

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    I am also waiting for a Windows VPS from them...

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    Yeah, you have to be patient.
    They're located in the UK and their billing is the one that sets up the VPS's.

    I've had a similar issue.
    I bought the VPS on Friday but it didn't come on 'till Monday.
    Reason: Billing only worked from Mon - Fri, during certain times, and because the weekend came.. yeah, you know.

    Hopefully you get things settled soon!
    The VPS I have with them is pretty nice.

    I really do think they should change the whole "Instant Setup" though.

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