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    Two Web Hosting Review Domains (Both have .com/.net)

    Hey all,

    Going to start another auction here. Please post your bid rather than PM, as per forum rules. Best offer I have on this thread as of April 2, 2011 will receive the domains. Bidding starts at $5 and have increments of at least $1.

    You are not bidding for all four, you are bidding for the pair that you want, and you can bid for both pairs if you wish.

    Let me know if you have any questions!

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    I'd like to bid, is it possible to bid for offline? pm me with contact details

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    Sorry, all bids have to be on this thread as per forum rules.

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    Ill bid $5 for

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    ill bid 6 for

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    It appears you won corey, however, since you do not have PM yet, will you please post an email in which I can contact you?

    If no email is posted within 24 hour, I will have to default to Dan.


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    Corey dot hammond at gmail

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