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    Q9550 vs i7 2600??


    Q9550 2.83GHz 4 Cores + 8G Ram + Sata Disk
    i7 2600 3.4GHz 4 Cores(+ HT) + 8G Ram + Sata Disk

    please advice which is more good? I will install xen and install 3-4 vps.


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    The i7 2600 will be much, much faster than the Q9550. :]
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    Quote Originally Posted by Patrick View Post
    The i7 2600 will be much, much faster than the Q9550. :]

    Q9550 are low budget 'servers'

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    The i7 2600 CPU is certainly much faster, but as Jose mentioned, this is only going to matter if CPU is the bottleneck on your machine. Chances are you would get more out of a better disk setup than a better CPU.

    Quote Originally Posted by HostAtom View Post

    Q9550 are low budget 'servers'
    I don't know if I'd classify the Q9550 as necessarily low-budget. It's certainly not a slow CPU by any means, and would work just fine for many performance intensive requirements. As far as whether this can be considered a 'server' - both of these processors are technically intended for desktop usage (though they do fine in the server environment).
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    I paid $1499 for a Q9550 (8G Ram+Cpanel). Now they have a i7 2600 ($1199 yearly,not including cpanel). I am considering whether moving to 2600.

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    The i7 2600 scored 8892.
    The C2Q 9550 scored 4050.


    I know there's some difference of opinion about but I still think there would be a noticeable performance increase over the 9550 if you went with the 2600. As mentioned by Jose though, you should really add some more disks if you can afford it.

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    I begin to use the Q9550 (8G Ram+750 Sata Disk) from Feb 1st 2011, their monthly price is $199. yearly price is $1499. Now I plan to move to their i7 2600. but they want to charge $199*3, then my left money is $1499-$597=902.

    If I want to move 2600, I need to pay $1199-$902=$297 for moving (not including cpanel). then I can use the 2600 from Apr 2011 - the end of Apr 2012.

    I just feel it's not reasonable.

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    I only use the Q9550 for 2 months (Feb,Mar). I think it's reasonable to only charge 2 months ($199*2). they charge 3 months and they say it's too late to upgrade because now it's the end of March. I only use 2 months, but they charge 3 months of money. I just can't accept this.

    I am doubting whether is worth moving to the 2600. anybody have some suggest?

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    Exactly. Only move if CPU load is out of control.

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    worth if you're using the server for (example) game server or video/tube. just take a look add graphics specifications. and as JoseQ mentioned, the spec is look like putting Ferrari machine to motorcycle. -- i7 is Ferrari and SATA disk is motorcycle (or bicycle? :p )
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    Definitely i7, it has a greater clockspeed.
    Check up some performance index.
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    Quote Originally Posted by cpservr View Post
    worth if you're using the server for (example) game server or video/tube. just take a look add graphics specifications.

    Can you explain to me how a server with graphics processing power will benefit the serving of video files? Maybe I'm missing something here, but AFAIK the graphics capabilities of the sandybridge will almost never be put to use in a server environment (unless of course video conversion programs like ffmpeg are using these abilities, are they? Last I checked ffmpeg had no support for graphics processors).
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