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    How to stop .html from showing on the end of pages...

    Something i have been wondering for a while is how to stop my pages showing .html on the end of them.

    For example if i had a page that related to cars, you may name the page cars.html. This means to get people to that page they would have to type to get to the page...

    However it would be much better if it was just named cars, so the link would be

    I have never really looked into it before, however my friend gave me a really nice little website that basically allows you to specify more 'friedly; urls.

    All you have to do is specify each .html page that you have, then specify the 'friendly url', after this has been completed it generates a .htaccess file which you simply upload to the public web directory of your server (if you host allows .htaccess files)

    Here is the website:

    People probably already know about this, but i thought i would share it anyway

    Have fun!
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    Sometimes...with some can make a subweb within the top level domain's folder and make pages that will look something like this: and not use

    Sometimes you have to just make a folder within your top level domain (cars) and it will work as an extension

    You kinda sorta have to experiment with it to see if either would work for you.

    I built my youngest daughter an internet radio station site and used it like that until I purchased her a domain for it. She was 14 when I built her site and when I found out she was serious about it then I bought her domain and a hosting package. Now I work 10 jobs just to pay for her Shoutcast internet radio station lol
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