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    Having trouble with wp-simple paypal shopping cart

    I have WP with NexGen Gallery and wp-simple paypal shopping cart plugins. I set it up using

    I can not get the Paypal button to appear under my images. I used this format...
    Item B-24 Bomber<br />
    Price: $24.99<br />
    [wp_cart:B-24 Bomberrice:10:end]

    The title and price show up but the Paypal button does not.

    Exactly what does appear is this...

    B-24 Bomber
    Price: $24.99
    [wp_cart:B-24 Bomberrice:10:end]

    What am I doing wrong?
    View it at

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    I found the problem. I used a capital letter in the code where I should not have.
    Another problem I have is that after I click the "Paypal" button and log a purchase, evertime I reload the page the purchase tally increases by 1.
    How to I fix that?

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    I am making some good progress now but I need help with the above stated problem in which after I click the "Paypal" button and log a purchase, everytime I reload the page the purchase tally increases by 1.
    How do I fix that?

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    It looks as though this is a problem with the script itself as it happens the same on the demo site, it looks as though the page refresh posts another form request and increments the total, without spending time on it I couldn't really give a quick solution...sorry
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    Do you know of a site that would have people that could help? I am not getting any kind of responses from people on this forum. I sure appreciate your attempting to at least give me some information.

    Do you have any recommendations for a different cart that a beginner like me could get installed and that would be a good useful tool?

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