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Thread: Wifi Probs

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    Wifi Probs

    Hi guys, i seem to be having problems with my wifi, i use a netear dgn3500 rooter which is wireless n and have a wireless n adapter also. My wifi seems to continually drop so i was planning on changing channels i uses issd to see who was using what channel and it seems 1,6,11 are all used by others. Any idea which i can use. See here shows the usage

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    Try any of the available channels and see which works best mate, you can always set it back to the original channel

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    It seems to be a common problem with that model. Check out the reviews on Newegg for your router, they mention it.

    In general I recommend getting a wireless router that will do 5ghz. The 5ghz band has 20 non-overlapping channels, unlike 2.4ghz's 3. If you use wide-channel/high-throughput/40mhz, then you still have 8 non-overlapping channels. In addition, because routers that will do 5ghz cost more, a lot fewer people use it. It is especially good in areas with lots of access points like apartments.

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    Is it a wiresless usb adapter or PCI card?

    USB adapters are well known for being the biggest pile of rubbish known to man hence why there so cheap.

    Your be far, far, far better off going with either a PCMI wifi card if its a laptop or PCI card if in a PC.

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