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    FTP auto back up software needed


    I would like to know if there is a freeware software which let you pick a cpanel back up file and download it automatically on your local machine on a daily set time, all done quietly while you browse internet..

    At the moment I have multiple websites on multiple cpanels on the same server, I would like to download their cpanel backups via ftp on eiher a daily or weekly basis.

    Please let me know if you know a cool freeware which does that. otherwise a cheap premium tool.

    Thank you,


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    I am looking for it as well.

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    Hi CHhit<---(I nearly mispelled it lol),

    I am sorry but I forgot to post what I did in the forum,

    I have found these guys, they are very cheap, I am testing it for a week now with about 12 backups, no problem at the moment.

    All you have to do is quiet simple, you add your cpanel details, their software comes and create backups of your cpanel, then download it to their server and finally, they erase the backup on your server because your hosting provider should have anyway his own full server backup.

    Now if a disaster comes, all you have to do is resend their backup back to your server, everything is quiet simple and their control panel is really made for newbies who understand nothing about backups, you just can't get it wrong,

    I got 20 Gigs at the moment, but I have a lot of websites. You should try it because they have a free service which might be ok for you but not for me due to the large amount of websites I have and the frequency of backups I need.

    Just check it out, otherwise , I have also found this:

    I could not manage to get it to work and their support has not replied to me, so..I do not know what to think.
    Anyway, I purchased the wrong thing because it does not take your backups automatically into another location while the other above does the job without you to lift up a finger.

    Now I compared my hosting providers remote backup prices and the ones from the site I gave you above and had a little shock to be honest, my hosting provider is asking 2.5 tims the price for the same job!!!

    Hope this helps you and probably helps others.


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    Thanks a lot.

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    No problem at all,

    It is always nice to give out a few solutions when yourself have been struggling a long time trying to find them :-)

    I will download my backups locally tonight for the first time from their server, we will see how fast the connection will be :-)

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