I'm not sure this is even the right place for this type of offer, however...

I'm working on a new web hosting control panel, using the latest software:

Email Setup:
Dovecot 2
Exim 4

Web Setup:
Apache 2.2 (also 2.3 when available)
|-> php-fpm
|-> mod_passenger
|-> python (via mod_wsgi) in 2.6/2.7/3

MySQL 5.5
PostgreSQL 9

The focus is on a distributed multi-server approach. Each service will run independently, and high availability is implemented where needed.

Heavy focus on distributed filesystems for fault tolerance.

Block replication via DRBD.

Basically what I'm looking for is a small to medium sized web host. I would provide funding for development tools + infrastructure. In return I expect the guidance and input from the web host.

The web host would be able to provide the service as a beta to their customer base free of charge.

Upon a stable release (expected 12 months), the web host would get a discounted pricing structure, or the ability to purchase the product (and the developer) either on contract or a fixed price.

The web host will also provide funding for graphic design, or their own graphic designer.

I have additional specifications on how everything is ran through the system, however I do not feel I want to share all the fine details in public at this time. Any small to medium web host can contact me via PM with their contact information and I will be in contact with them.

If you are interested in hearing more or possibly being involved with the project, PM me with either your Skype, AIM or Gtalk information. I do not use any other messenger service.

Also the company must be US based, I'm not sure how taxes work across the pond, and honestly I rather not explore that at this time.

My qualifications are as follows:
PHP Development of 7 years (Professional)
Python Development of 3 years (Advanced)
C Development of 3 years (Intermediate)
RHEL of 5 years (Advanced)

As the project manager I will reserve the right to include further developers into the project if I feel necessary.