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    VPSVille support?

    My virtual server is disabled in and there is no response from the support for about 48 hours. Does anyone know this company or is there any staff for this company in WHT?


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    I am sorry for the trouble you are having with them.

    They have a rep here on WHT:

    The last time he posted was on the 8th, but you might want to PM him. They also have a 1800 number: 1 800 561-8868

    Hope this helps!

    - Daniel
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    I would do what Daniel said to do, and give them a call.

    Does your server say "Disabled", or appears with a black icon (SolsuVM)? if that is what it is, that means that virtual container is suspended.

    If they suspended your services, you should of got a e-mail of some sort for there actions of why they did it.

    At least I thought thats what the proper company would do? I know we do if something goes wrong and we have to disable the server, login, suspend, manage, monitor, we always write a detail report to the client explaining what happen, what was done, and such.

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    Thank you for your attention

    The server completely inaccessible and when I try to "Turn-On" the server from vpsVille control panel , a message appears saying :

    Disabled Server
    This server is disabled and cannot be used. This may be due to non-payment or another issue. Please refer to the billing page or contact support.
    I've about a month to the billing cycle. we had a heavy DDOS attack against one of our accounts last week and I suspeneded the account that was under attack. But after some days the server gone down without any e-mail specifying the reason or soultion as it's managed server, Also the ticket I sent asking investigation is also not answered as the previous ticket I asked for increasing iptable rule limit stopping the ddos attack is also not answered. I'll try to call the 1800 number to investigate. Thank you very much
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    No problem..

    To what you stated in your last message they suspended your server over the DDoS attack.

    They most likely suspended your container due to the DDoS, and is pending a investigation. But I do agree that they should of notified you of this action unless it states something about it in the terms of service or acceptable use policy's.

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    The server was suspended for running a port scanner, which is usually indicative of a hacked server.

    Please contact support or reply to the Terms of Service violation message you were sent.
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