Registered at:

Reserve: $30
Bid Start: $30
Buy it Now: $100

Sale and transfer of the domain will take place using Dynadot's built in sales system, no private information needs to be exchanged. Sale wil be handled by a third party (Dynadot) acting as an escrow. Supported payment options are listed here:

Listed here:

Dynadot marketplace sale will supersede WHT sale as the Dynadot sale takes precedence through their system.

Upon closing of the bidding, the domain will be pulled from the Dynadot marketplace, and re-listed under a new ID with the agreed upon price and private messaged to the purchaser. The date and time this happens will be coordinated with the buyer.

In the event that the domain gets sold on the Dynadot market place at the agreed upon price to another party due to the fact the buyer did not purchase it at the designated time/date I will not be held responsible for the loss of the domain as there are certain variables that are out of my control. However in the event this happens, there will be no cost to the bid winner on WHT.

Bidding ends April 15th 2011 at 1200 -5 EST time.