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    Dedicated server with resourse sharing


    I am sorry but i am very new to the hosting, and i am planning to install a new server i have planned to take the server from iweb which would be a windows server because my cleints run .net & asp codes.

    my question is.

    1) is iweb a good hosting company

    2) I plan to use this server without a control panel and would have atleast 30 sites running of various clients, for which i will have to allocate FTP to each of them is there any software to do soo ?

    3) I also plan to make the server resource share means i am planning to go for a highend server with 8GB ram
    I wish to do the following for my partner company

    Say there is client 1, client 2, client 3. They all will have remote desktop access to manage their hosting but can only see their stuff for eg

    i will allocate 2GB of Ram to server

    Then will allocate 120GB to client 1 with 2GB ram, 2GB to client 2 with 120GB etc
    But when client 1 logs in he shouldnt see any data of client 2 or when client 3 comes he shouldnt see any data of client 2 or 1

    What is this kind of hosting called ?

    4) Is there any software for this and is Plesk VPS mean for this

    Pls ans, and sorry for a stupid question

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    Your talking about virtualization, the problem is that it is something you need to entirely understand before delving into it, and by the sounds of it you don't even know the basic basic basics.

    I recommend reading about it and learning how it actually works, purchasing a server at this stage would be suicidal.

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