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    Wordpress Vs Drupal - Which one is Best?


    I want to take your suggestions on the best CMS. In your opinion which CMS will you prefer between Drupal and wordpress and why. Also it would be great if some one can share that for what sites wordpress will be good and for which type of sites will be drupal a best selection.


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    When WP started, it was a blogging software, but it has evolved to be so much more and really, you can do just about anything with it. It's my default go-to software for websites. I've created ecommerce, business, membership, info, and blogging websites with it. It's very versatile and with 1000s of quality plugins, you can make it into pretty much anything you want.

    I tried Drupal and it is a good piece of software, but for me, it was overcomplicated. It took me a long time to figure out how to do things and even longer to be able to design themes for it. It was primarily a CMS software that had blogging capabilities.

    I much prefer WP and recommend it to just about anyone for creating just about any website.
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    WP vs drupal?

    WordPress is generally considered the best choice for beginner web developers although I have found that many modules, plug-ins are crippled because the programmer-s want you to pay them for the full plugin options. I have yet to see this with drupal modules.

    Advanced web developers mainly use Drupal because it offers superior freedom and control as compared to WP. .EDU email and blog hosting

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    Actually i am interested in building a site which will have data related to each mobile set for the known companies. What do you think i should go with. I also think wordpress is Good but the databases are more complicated as compared to drupal. It would be relatively easy to add the databases manually in drupal as compared to wordpress.

    What is your opinion on this?

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    Quote Originally Posted by paktangent View Post
    Actually i am interested in building a site which will have data related to each mobile set for the known companies. What do you think i should go with. I also think wordpress is Good but the databases are more complicated as compared to drupal. It would be relatively easy to add the databases manually in drupal as compared to wordpress.

    What is your opinion on this?
    The world doesn't need another gsmarena clone. So please think of another idea. Don't Pakistanis know about anything other than mobile phones?

    To answer your original question go with whatever CMS is easy for the type of site you want to make. So if drupal is easy for you go with that.

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    I am not thinking about a GSM Arena Clone. There will be a lot of other things that will be shared which are not available on gsmarena. Like the local prices, availability, stores to buy from in Pakistan, Local user reviews. Telecom services supported.

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    If you are planning to run website just like a blog then wordpress is the best option for it. It is also known as the best blog editor. It offers number of plugins that help to increase traffic. But want to run eCommerce site which have good content and payment as well then Drupal will be right choice.

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    Drupal is nice and can be set up in easy terms but I too believe that it is complicated to manage, even for expert coders and programmers. WordPress on the other hand has proved to be the world famous portal and interface not only for setting up blogs but for maintaining regularly updated e-commerce types of websites, loaded with add-ons and templates.

    Although PHP would still be considered as main structure of your WP based site, but even with knowing some HTML and CSS, you would be able to perform some advanced level tasks in easy terms.

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    In my opinion wordpress is the winner bcos it has evolved from a blogging software to a full grown CMS with thousands of plugins.

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    WordPress wins this one for me. I use it for all my blogs.

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    Thanks for the over whelming response, but can you comment about the advantages and disadvantages of the database structure followed by both CMS. I mean which one has a good database structure as compared to other.

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    Not sure about the database but to me, Wordpress is very user friendly and convenient to be used especially to those who don't have much knowledge in handling a CMS. Drupal, its way too powerful to be compared to Wordpress.

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    Both are great site building software but as open source is all about the community and people contributing to the project. I think I'll go with WordPress because it's better built around with lots more options in themes and plugins.
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    I will also go with Wordpress if its a simple website with not much of ecommerce requirements. Drupal is very robust and good but only if you have some knowledge of PHP. Not for newbies.

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    No matter whether you choose Wordpress or Drupal you will eventually need to upgrade your CMS. With Drupal that process is much more difficult and much more likely to fail. With Wordpress upgrades are trivial and very well handled.
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    Each have their pros and cons, but as someone whose used both: I use WordPress much more.

    In my experience, the community behind WordPress has been exceedingly more supportive and responsive when I need it.

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    Wordpress is very easy to set up and use, but if you have the patience to learn Drupal, use it!

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    I think wordpress is much better than Drupal keeping the fact in mind the kind of userbase Wordpress got, themes, plugins and ready made solutions available. It becomes a bit difficult for bloggers to understand the functionality of drupal compared with Wordpress

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    There is no doubt in it. But i am suspicious about the data importing function of wordpress. Is it good at it?

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    I use wordpress. It's easy to find out how it works, and Drupal is heavier system imo. WP has huge community, countless plugins, and user friendly administration, simple code - easy to understand and edit.

  21. i think Wordpress is the best. i use it on about my 4 websites.

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    I have used both CMS extensively..

    Wordpress is great, has a lot of plugins & can be used to make huge websites with a lot of features.. it has a lot of themes available.. This makes wordpress more helpful as you get to choose from a lot of designs

    But, wordpress tends to get a lil heavy and consumes a lot of cpu on the server side. if this is not an issue for you.. You can go ahead with wordpress.

    Drupal is a nice CMS, its light and simple.. If you know how to edit core files in php, drupal is a nice cms for you.. It is way too lighter than wordpress and even drupal has a lot of modules available. It has an active community for support & modules.. lack of themes but.. good functionality

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    Drupal for more complex sites that require a cms. Wordpress for simpler sites and blogs
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    All good comments. I must say, running WP is dead simple.

    BTW, you can easily play with it yourself by setting up a blog on...what is their free site? Setting up a blog on your own server or hosted account is very simple, too.

    Wordpress also has an enormous plugin community.

    One minor drawback is that if you search for WP templates, 70% of them are for blogging and don't fit in well for a CMS. You might want to google "wordpress as a cms" and read some of the articles.

    BTW, I think Joomla is probably your other option vs. Drupal.

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    From my point of view Wordpress is best, Wordpress is very user friendly and Drupal is more commercial.

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    Wordpress all the way.
    Being using this platform and have found it to be very SEO friendly. Also all the plugins makes this the best one to use for those of you who aren't familiar with HTML and CSS

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    wordpress best for everything SEO, GOGGLE RANK, SETTING

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    Best option

    Depend what you want.

    If you want a blog use wordpress.

    If you want a more complex website use drupal

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    Wordpress is better than drupal.

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    Like danny0085 said - use Drupal for websites and WordPress for blogs.
    (That's what I would do anyway)

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    Another excellent option I just started playing with is ocportal.

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    I prefer Wordpress over the other one stated. Cleaner and better for me to use personally
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    I realized something today - I've seen lots of Joomla and Drupal books but not many (any?) Wordpress books. Must be because it's very easy to use :-)

    And indeed that has been my experience.
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